Friday, June 10, 2016

Pet Enclosure

My Creature is a Black headed python.
Some things I needed to consider about my creature:
It has razor blade teeth and it can constrict you - constrict means it can choke you.
Black headed pythons can swallow you up whole. They grow up to 5-10 ft in length.
They have no venom and it hurts if you get tagged by a Black headed python.
A Black headed python needs to have some food,  the python needs a pool to cool it down. The bird is for it to play with, there is a little door for you to feed it and be safe when you are feeding it. The Black headed python has a little log and a tree to climb.
My enclosure has these special features for my pet:
A door that opens up and a little door at the top of the enclosure so you can feed it and a fake bird at the top of it so it can play.
What I am pleased about:
My pet enclosur is coming along good.  I was really absorbed in my work.
I have got a little bit distracted but I got it done.I like the tree I made for the snake.
What I have found tricky:
Getting the hot glue to stick and not getting hot glue on my fingers.
What I would like to improve:
I would like to improve my project by not using cardboard and using wood instead for safety.

My enclosure imageJayden.JPGJayden.JPGJayden.JPG
I was happy with my enclosure and how it came out.
The enclosure I made is a good enclosure.